Memphis Depay visit Ghana again

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Former Manchester United striker Memphis Depay has confirmed he will soon visit Ghana for the second time.

Depay, born to a Ghanaian father and a Dutch mother last year was in his father’s country to spend some time.

It was reported that, Depay last year visited the West African country with members is his Memphis Foundation and donated sporting equipment such as footballs, jerseys, shin guards, football boots, trophies and Goalball equipment to the Cape Coast Deaf and Blind school and the Ghana Blind Sports Association.

After taking part in some of the sporting activities with the deaf and blind students, pledged to support the school in the training of the students in soccer, swimming, blind 

Former Manchester United player Memphis Depay is currently in Cape Coast, Ghana to support the Deaf and Dumb School here. And he chose to dress as one of them.

The Dutch star, whose father is a Ghanaian, is visiting Ghana for the second time to engage in charity projects.


Daniel Agyemang