New WhatsApp feature will stop you from taking screenshots

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WhatsApp will soon release a new update, and it will stop you from taking screenshots of conversations.

The app SnapChat is known for not allowing users to take screenshots. Now WhatsApp has followed their example and will soon release a brand new update.

The new update will not allow users to take screenshots of their conversations.

According to IOL, the app will also provide users with an automatic lock after a minute. The app will lock, but users will still be able to unlock and reply to messages and calls if they want to.

The Breakfast team weighed in on the topic. Liesl told the team that she will not be pleased with the new app update because she likes to take screenshots of her conversations. She also likes to share her conversations with others so that they can joke about it.

What do you think about the new update?

Kwame Anane

Kwame Anane