Some women are insatiable in bed no matter how hard you bang them daily – Prophet Kumchacha

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The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Chapel, Prophet Kumchacha has revealed that some women have the problem of never being satisfied s3xually in bed no matter how many times they are chopped down.

Speaking as a guest on e.TV’s In Bed With Adwen‘, the man of God said; “Let their husbands make love to her in the morning, afternoon and evening -3 times everyday-, she will still cheat because that is her character.

He then likened the feelings of such women to yoghurt and squash, saying “The sweet feeling these women get in their vagina can be likened to yoghurt. Others have a vaginal heartbeat that goes like don, don, don, don like squash,” he claimed.

However, he gave some reasons that make women cheat in a relationship.

“Any woman who will leave her husband to go cheat is because the man can’t satisfy her well. There are some men who can’t last long in bed too,” he added.

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